Natasha Pelak

Chief Influencer Officer

Event Producer

The fusion of a creative team depends on a network of brilliant minds. Whether its a commercial production, event or performance, NP&A has what you need to take your project to the next level.A strong network is the result. In today’s globalized market, industries of different scientific origin recognize the need to communicate more effectively. Extreme circumstances and natural disasters have created a need for the swift commercialization of innovation that will lend a hand to humanitarian concerns as well as generate beneficial profits that develop sustainable campaigns for both the planet and the network involved.Due to the consistently increasing volume of mobile users and technology applications, computer viruses and hacking attacks are more frequent than ever, requiring constant attention and education. 

Pelak’s world revolves around promoting strategies that showcase the incentives and indispensability of technology innovation. Her most recent endeavor was orchestrating the OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project 501c) Innovation Showcase at the Microsoft Headquarters in New York City.Pelak recently presented issues relating to critical infrastructure for Thomson Reuters's Westlaw panel where she articulated the importance of cyber threat prevention by means of retaining private security consulting companies.  She plays a key role for the World Technology Network and their annual gala where global leaders in science and technology intersect to make positive global change.  Pelak also assisted in launching HackGotham, an arm of HackMiami which is notorious for gathering the brightest minds in the information security industry and the digital underground.  Pelak has worked as a Senior Representative for global organizations which promote the use of anti-DDOS and WAF technology. Pelak was the Business Development Executive at Bit by Bit Inc., a premiere New York City based managed service provider.  Pelak previously worked for Microsoft as a field marketing lead for their X-Box Kinect project.  She also worked for Morgan Stanley as she was getting her education at Penn State University.  In fact, Pelak’s interest in cyber security began while active on Google X Prize's Lunar Lion Space Team.  It was the vigilance and mindful collaboration witnessed on the space team that led this original thinker down the path of enterprise security and technology.    

Active in the arts and science, Pelak has collaborated on projects for global blockbuster best sellers like Graham Hancock, artists Barnaby Ruhe and consciousness entrepreneurs, Deepak Chopra. As a co-producer with New Realities and Avant Muse she produced television,  live sets at international festivals and has lead fundraising efforts providing humanitarian aid for earthquake victims in Nepal via The Bodhivastu Foundation.  In her spare time she enjoys poetry, water sports, The Art of Wing Tsun Kung Fu and meditation. She has extensive experience in working with highly creative and technical people, and has a knack at finding common ground in juxtaposed industries as a strategic communicator. Comfortable working with a high-profile clientele and with meeting their expectations of discretion and service Pelak has an innate ability to discern there needs and desires in order to develop lasting relationships through trust and integrity.