What is guerilla marketing?

August 17, 2017
Jean-Luc Laube
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Well first it has nothing to do with guerrillas.

What is guerrilla marketing?

Well first it has nothing to do with guerrillas.  The term was inspired by “guerrilla warfare” - A small group of militants or civilians using irregular tactics to win battles against a much stronger, better armed opponent.

The most basic definition of guerrilla marketing is an unconventional method or tactic to spread your marketing message to beat out your competition.

You can also define guerrilla marketing by what it isn’t even more than what it is.

In any type of traditional advertising you need tons of money for a lot of exposure.

With guerrilla marketing you need creativity and imagination in exchange for a lot of exposure.  This is highly effective for musicians, actors, products or services that know they need to get noticed but don’t know where to begin.

“Guerilla marketing is the truth made fascinating.  It’s going after conventional goals using unconventional means.  Your prime investments in guerrilla marketing don’t have to be money - they should be time, energy imagination and information.” Jay Levinson, Author of “Guerrilla Marketing"

When traditional marketing plays it safe with radio spots, TV commercials and glossy magazine ads, guerrilla marketing gets wild and unchained with unconventional tactics executed in unexpected places with the goal of surprising people with something they didn’t see coming.  Guerilla marketing is always a surprise.

If you spend money for the space, it’s not guerrilla unless it the message by sheer nature exceeds the amount of space that was rented.

Now note: Guerilla marketing is not by any form new. Guerilla marketing notes back before the days of advertising in Egyptian marketplace with Papyrus posters.

Here is one of our favorite guerilla marketing tactics:

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Google guerilla marketing… What’s your favorite?

Now as a small business owner what are 3 guerilla tactics you can do:

Please understand, guerilla marketing is not right for you if you can't take a risk.

  1. Make it rain with your business cards.  Post them… everywhere
  2. Use the sidewalk as your canvas with chalk.  It’s free.  It’s public property and most of all, it’s not illegal.
  3. Paint or vinyl wrap you vehicle and park it in the most visible area, even if you get a ticket - the advertising should pay off.

Hope you enjoyed this blog stay tuned for more marketing tactics.