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September 22, 2017
Jean-Luc Laube
Company Updates

It took a long period of growth to realize that I’m a bad president.

It took a long period of growth to realize that I’m a bad president. I spend way too much money on fonts and way too little on office space.  I spend way too much time designing and producing and way too little budgeting and invoicing. I hate taxes but I love art.  I hate business but I love marketing.

I’m a bad president.  This is why I hired Keith.

Next, I realized that I’m a bad salesman.

Well, It’s not that I can’t sell, it’s that I shouldn’t.  Every time I’m selling, I’m not producing.  I’m a better producer than I am a salesman.  This is why I’m hiring a salesman.  I need somebody that can manage relationships and follow up better than me.

Now it’s just been recent that I realized that I’m a bad Creative Director.  Award-winning campaigns as much as they energize me, they are left by the waste side in the competition to inventing something.  I’ll invent something any day above coming up with an ADDY award-winning campaign. This is why I'm hiring a Creative Director.

Next, I realized that we need somebody to help promote our clients via influence. This is why we're hiring a Chief Influence Officer

Sometimes you just need to realize that you need better.  I don’t want Clickable Click to be limited by my weakness.  It’s time to hire.  

If someone’s strength is my weakness - I’d like to say hello there.  

Welcome to Clickable Click.  

We’re hiring.