Stop Managing Social Media

August 7, 2017
Jean-Luc Laube
Knowledge Bombs

In the beginning God created a salesman...

In the beginning God created a salesman by the name of David Ogilvy.  David was ambitious and tried to be the best salesmen there ever was. So he started documenting the value proposition he would be providing by selling vacuum cleaners.  This is when the before and after picture was born and advertising was born. This is also when Ogilvy & Mathers was born, David being considered the Father of Advertising.  Eventually this media migrated to direct mail and posters of all kinds.

Time went on and advertising changed. John Logie Baird invented television - a new platform for communicating.  However whether it was a TV commercial between innings of a baseball game or a Direct Mail piece, at this time the world was utilizing interruption marketing. (except sales)

As time went on this eventually changed.  Tim Bernes Lee invented the World Wide Web, another new platform for  communicating.  This changed everything as the “.com era” was born.  Email marketing was eventually born - credited to Seth Godin (one of the greatest minds alive today).   Tom Anderson realized that there was huge need for people to have their own space online so he started MySpace.   

MySpace was great! You had your presence online - a place to portray the very best version of you… or of some funkadelic screenname.

This is when Mark Zuckerberg came in.  Mark realized the world had a problem.  How can I remember their names, yet alone another screen name? So instead of space he created a book - a book of faces.  This is when Facebook was created.  

Now Facebook, just like Youtube, had a hard time monetizing in the beginning.  This why some very intelligent geeks believe that Facebook makes the majority of its money licensing their facial recognition software to the CIA.  However, no one really knows… I mean, Zuck knows.

So whether it was MySpace from Tom, Facebook form Zuck, Email from Steve, or Google from Page, interruption marketing started to fade into the background and permission marketing was born.

So what’s permission marketing?

Well, it’s just that. Marketing that you have given someone the RIGHT to present to you. Every time you Google, Google gets paid. Every time you bing, tweet, dig, like, pin… Let’s just say every time you exhale online somebody gives money to somebody else.

Welcome to the Internet.

Now here’s the thing.  It used to be the best content that would win.  But now it’s the most controversial content.  Good content get’s lost in the graveyard and the controversial figures rise to become the leaders of the world.  

So what is the lesson behind all of this? Stop managing.  Stop building content.  Make a ruckus.  Create controversy.  Offend someone.