See there's a play over here.

September 22, 2017
Jean-Luc Laube

See there's a play over here.

See there's a play over here.

Maybe a side swipe over to the right

There are a few cheerleaders too

Maybe a fan or two

I'm the coach and this is my zoo

You keep interrupting asking me why and when

If you're not a player stay out of the way and just be a friend

When I was a designer you knew me as that

When I was a founder you saw my hat

When I was a lifeguard I saved others too

Now I'm Creative Leader and that's the truth

I'm just trying to get noticed while I'm still youth

It's not a goal to cause problems in my personal life

It's not a goal to make enemies or cause anybody strife

I'm just an artist, a designer, sometimes a musician too

It's a marketing game, I'm the coach and that's the truth

I build websites and can shut them down

I create campaigns rooted from the ground

Will you listen to me? Will you hear the words I'm saying?

Or will you only care once care to eat when I'm

So go ahead and take

I'm just

Look I know it's hard when you only think of my fall

But can't you see it's another game just without a ball