King of the Jungle

September 22, 2017
Jean-Luc Laube

Here's the problem with being king...

I am the King of Jungle. 

Everybody fears me, respects me and wants to be like me

But here's the problem with being king:

I'm not known for my affection, character, but my bite, my growl and my sting.

I am a symbol, an icon, everyone knows me.I have plenty of food to eat and plenty of people to feed. 

However love is hard to find when you're a lion. 

I'm less likely to get a hug more likely a stab. 

Every once in a while I think and wish I could be Lab. 

It must be easy to be a dog. 

Wag your tale and sit for some treats. 

If you're nice you can sleep on the master's sheets. 

To be ruled is actually pretty common. 

You must submit to authorities, police, and also a lawman. 

If a stick gets thrown you must go catch it if you're a lab. 

But to honest with you, maybe I'd rather get stabbed. 

To follow a simple command seems ridiculous. 

To listen blindly is ludicrous. 

A lion isn't meant to be a dog.

Even if it's just for a moment in the fog. 

But a lion wants a friend maybe a companion too.

A little love, a hug or two. 

It's not hard to understand that this world unfair. 

A lion is a lion and nobody cares.