It's how the world works.

October 13, 2017
Jean-Luc Laube

A few small jabs, and an under hook slowed me down this week.

A few small jabs, and an under hook slowed me down this week.

It turns out being robbed is a pretty terrible experience.  Mostly because even though with today’s technology you can find product - the law doesn’t care. Police have a quota to meet and if there’s not incentives for them to find something stolen it’ll be thrown by the waste side.  So if you speed you’re more likely to get in trouble then if you rob Walmart of a giant flat screen TV.  This is the world that we live and body cares.

Mostly nobody cares because people assume that our system is thought through. They assume that justice is served by ethics not by who has the best lawyer or who knows the judge.  The reality is there’s people in this world that defenseless, unarmed, unprotected and in danger of almost anything that comes their way.  Now on the other side of the same coin there’s people that are so defendable their invincible, the law can’t touch them.   

When Donald trump said he could go outside in the streets and shoot somebody and not lose a vote he wasn’t kidding.  It’s unfortunate but we have to understand how the world works.  There’s people who get influenced by the media.  Then there’s media who gets influenced by events.  Then there’s media manipulators who influence and create events.  And then there’s powerful decision makers who influence media manipulators.

This is our world.  You have to understand that most things that happen in this world are influenced by somebody from somebody because of somebody else.  Most things don’t just HAPPEN.  They’re influenced.

You right now.  Are being influenced by me.  I’m at Starbucks typign this and your sitting at your desk reading this.

Now you’re getting guilty realizing you should probably get back to work.  Yes, I agree, get back to work... thanks for the Click.