I'm Sorry

September 7, 2017
Jean-Luc Laube
Purely Human

I deeply regret for causing a disturbance in our city.

I deeply regret for causing a disturbance in our city.  I do not condone graffiti or any type of mischief crime. I believe our city is in need of a fresh new message.  The negative noise of Allentown was thick and it turns out 8 dollars worth of children’s biodegradable Crayola paint can change the conversation.  

This story has reach US News, Newsworks, Lancaster Online and The Morning Call and this is before my courtcase. This type of advertising would have cost over 100,000 dollars.  My website has generated over 8,000 Pageviews., I got a call from Silicon Valley yesterday saying,

 “Since you’re a PR expert, I need your help.”

Another natural organic lead called me later that day saying, 

“I hear you’re the guy that does guerrilla marketing.”

Look I’m sorry I had to break the law to get noticed.  Believe me I won't make it a habit. I love Allentown. I don't want to vandalize anything. I want to attract innovators, dare devils, artist and the world's best musicians to our city.

I’d die for Allentown.

I was born in France but Allentown took my heart.  The crime I committed was one out of passion and soul. I’m not criminal, I’m an artist, a marketer, a multi-disciplinary designer and inventor.

Please, forgive my foolish behavior.

I don't want more attention.  I want Allentown to get Attention, good attention. According to my Analytics my two most visited articles are in defense to Allentown.  

Downtown Allentown has incredible amount of young entrepreneurs who are moving down here and making it happen. We’re the fastest growing city in Pennsylvania and noted across United States as one of the best places to live.  I think you should move to our land and Innovate with us.

Now to those that I have offended.  I apologized I used your glass windows as my canvas.  Ever since childhood I always painted outside the lines, but I guess this was a little out reach.  I understand that this must of cost time to wash the windows with windex.   With all this being said, I’m sorry.  Let me make it up to you: I’ll donate a day worth my time to help your marketing efforts. Give me a call and let me help you grow your business.

Allentown, I need your help.  

Be my sales man. 

For every lead you get me that turns into a sale I will provide 15% commission.  This however will expire September 15th.  After the 15th it’ll be 5% commission.  If you need help understanding what we do, give us a call.1.833.4CLICKS