Good Mornin' Church!

August 13, 2017
Jean-Luc Laube

All the lights shut down.

All the lights shut down. Edison bulbs glide from outer space and float above the stage. The smoke rises. Someone wearing black runs and puts a microphone in the middle. Lights of various colors shine through the smoke, bringing picturesque moments. It's simple: color, microphone, smoke and a world-class stage with suspenseful music in the background, elevating your soul. And then, there's what sounds like a voice from a movie, 

 "Good Mornin' Church!" 

The crowd screams. 

 "Isn't it good to be in the house of the Lord today?"

 The crowd shouts. The preacher preaches. The pastor talks James 1. The piano in the background paints a soft melody to his words. 

The audience is captivated. 

Their hearts are broken. 

Their emotions are peaked. 

With raised hands and tears rolling down their faces, the music takes hold. Within a few seconds 13 % of the audience walks up, receiving Christ for their first, second or third time. A few orphans and maybe a widow sit in the back. They enjoy the show. Afterward, they head over to a Sunday food bank provided at a different church. But they're grateful nonetheless, because since they were first timers, this Sunday was free.