Dear Elected Candidates for Mayor of Allentown City

September 25, 2017
Jean-Luc Laube

We have real issues.

Do something.  Our water

Johne Richard Ingram

We have known gangs that pollute and manipulate our streets.Our HIV and STD population ratio is among the highest compared to our neighboring cities. We have real issues.  Our city is in desperate need for a rebranding and better marketing.  Our city needs more population and this is because of our terrible marketing and PR. If we're still talking about roads and more building we're being blinded by the bigger issues.  Do you realize how many meetings City Council has had about Bamboo? We have real issues we need to discuss. Our city needs better education and we need it immediately.  A mayor should not take a single day off of work until a better system is put in place.  Our city needs someone who will fight not for their own name or recognition or selfish gains.  Our city needs someone who will prioritize their work by the following:

1) Education

2) Protection 

3) Cleaning

4) Equal Opportunities 

5) Innovation

Nat Hyman

Our city is currently attracting innovators from all over the world.  However, due to our terrible education not in Parkland, East Penn or Center Valley. Put your kids in our school system.  You already have your business here. Allentown is in need of a new image and somebody who's going to get stuff done. As far as I see now, I don't see a candidate who's earning my vote.

Ed Pawlowski

I do think Pawlowski is innocent however our

It's time for something fresh. 

Show me something with substance.

Show me something worth my vote because right now; you're not.