Can we tell you about the future?

September 7, 2017
Jean-Luc Laube
Knowledge Bombs

When you go to the grocery store, if you still do..

When you go to the grocery store, if you still'll walk in grab a banana- instantly you can see how this banana was sourced. 

You can follow the farmer on a social network and you can write reviews on the bananas taste.  You’ll learn whether the banana has GMO, pesticides or any other potential concerns you may have.When you go to the grocery store, if you still do, and you buy an apple you'll know where and how it was sourced. You then can decide to follow the farmer on their social media accounts and comment on the taste on the apple. Yes, apples will have reviews too.There will be no need for parking garages or street parking as most of the cars will be self driving.

They will pick you up and drop you off. As a matter of fact, many people won't own cars.

Mathematics won't be as necessity since your everyday problem will be solved for you.

Your refrigerator will tell you when the back row is starting to get moldy. Whether it be drone deliveries or underground delivery dogs, the grocery store won't be a necessity anymore. Your shoes will use Artificial Intelligence to mold their shape to your feet depending on the activity to peak performance.

Your heart rate will always be measured, calculated and quantified. Data and analytics will constantly be a touch, swipe, or word away for almost anything.

Ideas will be easier to implement but harder to come up with. There will still be hunger and poverty, but more importantly there will be a huge technology gap. This could change however, if policy makers intentionally make a difference and increase fiber optic cable connections to third world countries. Internet will soon become more important than food. The modern day internet will authenticate every product and every food item, as decoys will be everyones' concern since so much can be imitated by technology. People will want milk from a cows instead of a labs.

Traveling will be easier. Education free, however, even though most education will be free, somehow the States will still believe that college is the right way to go. And within time, hopefully, retaining information won't be a goal, but much rather problem solving or creating. These are things that our AI friends can't do. Emotional art, poems of sadness and love will make us stand out from the marketplace. Really, creativity will be in demand. The presence of electronics in everyone's day to day life will create a desire and hunger for simple things like street art or hand-made products. Yes, hand-made products will eventually grow back in demand. It's the minuscule imperfections that people will desire.

Listen to me, don't be scared of the future. This is not science fiction, it’s reality. There will always be jobs for people like you and me. Your humanness will always be marketable.