Allentown, the land of innovation

August 9, 2017
Jean-Luc Laube
Company Updates

I remember the riots.

I remember the riots.  Protest against the mayor.

Black Lives Matter near the Soldiers and Sailors monument.

An elderly man in the streets singing his heart out to “Barbara Ann” by the Beach Boys as if he was going to cure some sort of disease.  I remember the day the FBI raided City Hall.

I remember the day Mike Fleck disappeared into who knows where.  I remember launching Hamilton Kitchen & Bar’s new website and then drinking an Old Fashion with Zac Jaindl that same evening. I reminiscent about the days when the rumors were that something new was coming.  I remember the moment I saw Jane Heft share on facebook the plans for the Innovation Campus. However, these stories are not our headlines anymore.  

Allentown city is on the rise and the only people who don’t know it are the people living in it.  

I am moving my head quarters to Allentown.  My romanticized memories of Allentown paint a picture of how things could be.  I dream of us together. I dream of creating a culture of innovation down here.  I dream of poaching entrepreneurs from all over the world to MOVE here.  Let’s bring the greatest minds, the most talented artist and the best musicians to our city.

I am relentlessly in pursuit of Allentown’s greatness and I will not stop.  Allentown is great and anything that says otherwise is only hurting our mission and hurting our goal.   We will do things thoroughly with intention so they are delivered with confidence. It’s not what we do in the spotlight that makes us great. It’s what’s done behind the curtain, alone in the studio, or on the weekends at the office. When others are dreaming about greatness, we’re creating it. No one creates a city by chance but only by conscious effort. We are led by passion, governed by principle, and guided by ideals.

We live by intentional design not by normal default.  We do not wait for “someday excellence” as a goal to be reached, but we demand it today. Here in Allentown, we produces more value than we consume. Complacency, mediocrity and laziness are our enemy.  Our greatness is not in the future.  Our greatest is today.  

Clickable Click loves you Allentown, and we’re here to stay.