Allentown, I'll see you in Court.

October 12, 2017
Jean-Luc Laube

Allentown, my love for you has been loud and clear.

Allentown, my love for you has been loud and clear.  I even moved my headquarters in downtown.  Unfortunately, your passionate disapproval for my marketing tactics has shut the doors of various business opportunities in downtown.

Here are a few reasons why I moved out of Allentown:

  • I’m permanently banned from Starbucks on Hamilton St.
  • Jamie keeps kicking me out of The Hamilton Kitchen & Bar
  • City Center Lehigh Valley officially stated that they cannot lease space to me.
  • I had a roommate that was quite dangerous for me to live with.
  • Mayor Ed Pawlowski has asked me not to associate myself with him or his campaign anymore.
  • Most of my leads are coming from neighboring cities or out of state clients.
  • One cannot operate a marketing business successfully in Allentown without being allowed in any City Center building.

With that being said it’s not over Allentown.  I’m starting a movement and I haven’t even launched it yet. But when we do we're going to get some of the world's biggest celebrities to come to Allentown to ignite it. Don’t worry I haven’t given up on you. I still love you but unfortunately, I can’t conduct a successful business in Allentown at this time, therefore I’m moving to Manhattan instead.

PS: I’ll see you in Court next week.