101 Reasons Why You Should Hire Us

September 22, 2017
Jean-Luc Laube
Knowledge Bombs

It took me 3 minutes to give you 101 reasons why you should hire us.

  1. We’re young
  2. We’re smart
  3. We’re problem solvers
  4. We know the industry better than most of the leaders in the industry
  5. Award Winning Designs
  6. We can design, build and sell.
  7. We’re highly strategic.
  8. We know how viral works.
  9. We do marketing for people who do marketing.
  10. We’ve worked with many Fortune 500.
  11. Our client’s have been seen on most major networks.
  12. We have clients all over the world.
  13. We’re multifaceted
  14. We develop Apps
  15. We’re the king of Social Media
  16. We know how to keep your directory listings and sync them.
  17. We use the latest tools on the planet
  18. We’re creating some of the most innovative apps in the market
  19. Most of our work is under NDA’s so we can’t show it online but we can show you in person
  20. We know technology
  21. We know copyright
  22. We know patents
  23. We know basic business law
  24. We know business processes
  25. We know creative softwares
  26. The founder is very passionate and has been doing marketing for over 8 years
  27. We have contacts at executives in major companies
  28. We have contacts in officials in senior levels in the government
  29. Clickable Click is known in many different countries
  30. We’re motivated by impact
  31. We sometimes do the marketing for NGO for free because we can.
  32. We get job applications nonstop.  
  33. We attract talent
  34. We define innovation and raise the standard for it.
  35. We have top level contacts and many of the top level IVY  Leagues
  36. The founder was the CMO of a firm that was part of the Harvard Innovation Lab
  37. ^^That brand was featured on Harvard Gazette
  38. We can cook.  No seriously. Food.
  39. We know photography.
  40. We can animate like a boss.
  41. We never settle, even when we loose money our work is still great.
  42. We have standards and meet them everyday.
  43. Our mom is proud of us.
  44. We care for our employees first, work second.
  45. We’re involved with international internet policy resulting in high impact.
  46. We know more billionaires than most people know millionaires.
  47. We started in a garage.  
  48. We can build almost any web application you desire.
  49. We can also hack however, we don’t.
  50. We have a database of people that look like a specific stereotype.
  51. We know giants.
  52. We know midgets.
  53. We know how to represent most brands.
  54. We’re honest if we don’t know something
  55. We’re honest if we haven’t done something
  56. We know SEO
  57. We know SEM
  58. We know ROI
  59. We know PPC
  60. We know CPM
  61. We know Quality Score
  62. We know Google Analytics
  63. We know other softwares that we would list here but we don’t want out competition to catch on.
  64. We know Adwords
  65. We know Hubspot
  66. We know Facebook Ads
  67. We know Youtube Pre-Roll
  68. We know how to build a marketing plans
  69. We’re educated & passionate.
  70. We like dogs.
  71. We like wine.
  72. We know how to compose music
  73. We’ve built our business so we can make a lot of money and still charge less than our competition
  74. We only have a few competitors that can produce at our level.
  75. We can illustrate.
  76. We like vegetarian food.
  77. We like small town coffeeshops.
  78. We like good public transportation.
  79. We like diversity.
  80. We like black people.
  81. We like asian people.
  82. We like Spanish. 
  83. Estamos aprendiendo español
  84. Nous pouvons parler français.
  85. We’re very driven
  86. We’re nocturnal
  87. We’re inventors
  88. We can fix and built computers but don’t offer that as a service.
  89. People love our shiz, cuz it’s chocolate brahhhhhh
  90. We smell good.
  91. Sometimes, we dress well.
  92. We know good coffee.
  93. We know where to eat and more importantly where not to eat.
  94. We’re great joke tellers
  95. We’re awesome story tellers
  96. We make our clients happy, very happy.
  97. People who work with us, love us.
  98. We collectively have diverse opinions.
  99. We like making lists
  100. It took me 3 minutes to give you 101 reasons why you should hire us.
  101. Just because.