10 Reason Why I don’t Like Gary Vaynerchuck

August 3, 2017
Jean-Luc Laube

Gary V provides no real value. That's about it.

Please note that this is not a company stand this is a personal stand.  We as Clickable Click have no problem in who he is and what he does.  This is also not OPED on what type of work he executes… quite frankly we’re really not aware of the actual work he produces.

  1. He believes and teaches that “Fluff” B.S. is more important than education
  2. His cursing is out of control and is compensating for lack of substance
  3. Most of his talks really provide no value at all
  4. He’s not an independent thinker, he’s just loud.
  5. He’s naive in undermining other people’s intelligence
  6. He uses push endorsements or brand affiliations for his advantage and not theirs
  7. He has the marketing sense of a high school student - watch him talk with an expert here >> Seth Godin
  8. He’s created a Tribe of people who sit on ideas and don’t do anything
  9. "Fake it till you make it” as a law not an exception.
  10. Confidence can complement Humility not replace it.